Key opinion leaders have become extremely successful while making marketing campaigns in China. This has become a clean trend of more and more ecommerce on WeChat and many successful flash sales on WeChat have proven that WeChat has become one very powerful tool in China.


Becky Li, who is better known by the nickname Mai Shen, or “Buying goddess” in China due to her huge amount of loyal followers that will spend their money on any product she recommends. She became a fashion blogger and claims her fans like her because she is a regular girl, not a model.



She has more than three million followers on Sina Weibo and more than 4.5 million followers on WeChat making her a golden star for any brand in the World that wants to enter China.


Becky Li managed to sell 100 Mini Cooper Countrymen cars in five minutes last year through her WeChat account. This was a special limited-edition model, priced at 285,000 Yuan (US$45,500) that had a rare blue turquoise color called Caribbean Aqua.



She managed to reach all of her follower’s key emotional and rational points. For her impulsive followers, she touched their emotions by quoting a review from a full-time mother who was a follower. For the ones that are more rational, she listed the practical features and the functions of the Mini Cooper and as well she managed to slip a celebrity testimonial about the car. And for her followers pursuing a lifestyle purchases she threw in an exclusive hand-over ceremony and cocktail party. She posted many pictures of blue dresses and wrote about the unique blue color of the Mini Cooper limited-edition.



This successful story shows how KOL (Key Opinion Leaders) known as well as digital influencers have become a key part uniting KOL’s followers with brands. Chinese consumers trust more someone they follow as they have more common interests and they believe in the genuine recommendations they make about products or services. They start to understand and rationalize more that even though one product might be trendy it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily for them. They prefer to follow someone with similar interests they can trust.


WeChat marketing is becoming one of the more powerful tools in China social media marketing. China is leading the World in online selling and WeChat flash sales will become more and more popular using KOL as their main strategy.