When we think about the use of internet in China, the first thing that comes into our minds is the restriction the Chinese government has.  So it’s easy to assume that internet and internet marketing in China is a monotonous and boring place. However Chinese internet users are very creative and the web is full of life.

The digital world in China is very active and dynamic. People have integrated the development of internet to their own traditions. The connectivity in remote places in China like Anshan is much better than the existent one in many places in Occident. They are more developed and they even had 4G before many other countries in the World.

Internet in China is growing not only in the services and features offered but in the way people is integrating internet into their lives. Chinese are much more advanced than Europe or United States. If we study closer what is going on in China we could learn many things from them.


According to global statistics, China has more than one decade leading the access to internet. It surpassed United States in 2008, and today more than 700 million Chinese internet users have high speed connection. Most of them live in big cities, but around 178 million are living in rural cities like Anshan.

Messaging service is very popular, being QQ and Wechat the most popular. As well the micro blogging platform of Sina Weibo is very common in china social media marketing. They use these apps for instant communication at work and at home. In China people values the way of interaction with other in which they can send instant messages continuously and be in contact with other people in an informal way.


One of the major differences in the use of social media in China with other parts of the World is that people don’t express their political opinions. In small cities they don’t do it because it is banned, but mainly because people around them with question why they are talking about this. They prefer to publish things about their families, their personal relationships and things going on in their daily lives.

In general we can say that Chinese internet users are always looking for new ways to use internet and technology. They have an amazing local creativity and this proves that the perspective that internet is very strict and not that used in China is completely wrong.