Baidu and Google : 2 different search engines

Baidu referencing has become a must for international companies aiming to do business in China.
Nevertheless, for a large majority of Search Engine Marketing specialists who don’t know Mandarin language and who has little knowledge about Chinese culture, Baidu Search Engine remains a mystery.


It is often mentioned that Baidu is a pale copy of Google or that it applies strictly censorship orders from China Government.
However, it is the leader by far of Search Engine market in China and it is the most accurate in its search in Chinese language.
Baidu knows how to adjust quickly through new algorithms and new offered services.
It is therefore interesting to compare it with Google in terms of SEO in order to understand the differences and to gain from natural referencing actions.


​The basics of Baidu SEO are indeed the same : good onsite optimization, quality contents and efficient link building in China.​


What are then the main differences between Google and Baidu for a good Search Engine Optimization in China?


Indexation: Google indexation of new websites is rapid but it is difficult to get some good ranking quickly on Google search engine. Baidu takes longer to index a new website, but once indexed, it seems easier to get good ranking if contents are originals and pertinent.


Home Page: Home Page of a website seems to be very important for Baidu whereas the difference between Home
Page and internal web pages is less significant at Google. the optimal structure, that is to say the key words and contents on Home Page must be adjusted accordingly. Moreover, Baidu consider sub-domains almost like independent websites, which is not the case at Google.
Netlinking: External links are very important for Google whereas it seems less important for Baidu. Quality and numerous backlinks are essential for your ranking on Google.


Keywords : Baidu is more sensitive on on-page elements, which means it is possible to improve its ranking by putting the right keywords at the right place, but with the risk of being penalized in case of too many keywords. Google is less focused on keywords , more on global theme of meaning.


Unstability: it is possible to get a quick improvement of ranking on Baidu thanks to an efficient referencing campaign, whereas it is more progressive on Google


Updates: Baidu loves fresh , new and original contents. Google is less sensitive to the continuity of new contents: we have experiences some ranking improvement for some sites with no new contents for a while


In short to be successful on Baidu SEO : contents, contents and contents …and Home page