It is well known that Baidu is the most popular website in China and also the fifth biggest website in terms of traffic in the World. So having a successful Baidu advertising can bring any brand or product a lot of traffic in their websites.


It is very important to follow the right steps in order to have a successful campaign in Baidu. SEM campaigns are more expensive than SEO but they give faster and more stable results.



First of all you need to create your Baidu account and have it ready to run. You will also need to get an ICP (Internet Content Provider) license issued by the government. This license may take some time to be approved by the government.


As well you need to have someone fluent in Chinese in order to choose the right keywords and write the correct ad copy. Remember everything in Baidu including the account management interface is in Chinese.


An important point is that is better to have your website hosted in China as Chinese government can vet your website and take it down because it can be causing social harm. Baidu is quite careful in not sending Chinese internet users to foreign sites.


Create your keyword list in advance. Your keyword list will be a key element in your campaign and you need to have it approved by Baidu so think about submitting your list a few days before your start date of campaign.



Choose your right budget and strategy. Each product has different marketing needs and each market segment behaves differently. So you need to make a good study of your market before you define your strategy.  It is very important to consider that they might be more distractions for clients in Baidu as many ads can display images at the same time in a search. As well there is a “hot searchers” panel on the right side and there is also a Brand Zone in which brands can advertise themselves. This said, you need to make your ad really outstanding and using the right words to attract future customers. Remember always to verify your ads with Baidu as this will give you a V symbol with 1, 2 or 3 number, being V3 the highest level of trust Baidu can give to a supplier. This will make new customers trust more on your website than other non-verified ones.


If you do it right you can make a low investment and get a high reward. The Baidu advertising cost needs to be spend in the right place. At the beginning many companies waste between 10 – 20% of their budget due to wrong allocation. So it is important to study well how your product category works in Baidu and who are your competitors so you can reduce this waste and create a successful campaign.