Did you know that green means “down” and “red” means up in China when showing value movements of stock markets or company results?

Did you know that a home page with plenty of information is better perceived than a minimalist look like in the West?

Did you know that a China Customer Service Live Chat really makes the difference compare to a usual common western style Customer Service icon?

The taste of China internet users is fairly different from those of Western world when it comes to the look and the contents of a website.

A website developer doesn’t necessarily have the resources or the expertise to deliver a website perfectly localized for China. Our team can work on your website in order to make it fully optimized and localized for China market.

This is where our Design Consulting service for China can be of help to make your website fully optimised for China market.

Our website consulting services for China can assist in :

  1. Translation

Certainly you can sketch out a multi-lingual website by translation tools in no time. But it is beyond certainty that language adaption is much more than simply translating the copies. Our website consulting service will help localize your website content in a way that your Chinese consumers will understand not only literally but also culturally.


  1. Style guidelines

What is Chinese consumers’ favourite website design? What kind of call-to-action buttons are the most conversional in China Internet market? We provide all-round guidelines even including optimal fonts and multimedia styles for content display to ensure your website localization is done in best practice.


  1. Brand image audit

Suitable Chinese brand name, logo, slogan can expand your brand identity in China. Our design consulting service will help you do an audit of the brand image your website conveys to match the expectation of your future web visitors and clients from China. In the meantime, we also make sure to maintain a consistent look for the website.

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