How is Affiliate Marketing in China?


Affiliate Marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.


It can be easily understood as a powerful commission program. It provides instant and attractive rewards and is proved to be working in the West. It also works in China.


Affiliate Marketing is particularly efficient in China as the territory is so big and so specific for each city or region.


How we help you run Affiliate Marketing in China?


Our Affiliate solution will help develop performance based reward program.

  • We have the knowledge of main Affiliate program commission structures and their pros and cons. Based on the product or service of your company, we will help pick up the most suitable one.


  • Getting to know our competitors is the next step. We will help research on all of the main Chinese affiliate programs on their product offers, marketing performance and commission structure.


  • Then we will help create and design your own affiliate program including Chinese copywriting on product feeds, marketing materials for different online or offline channels, template development, and so on.


Our Affiliate solution will help organize and manage Affiliate network in China.

    • Our team provides full assistance on recruiting, selecting and training Chinese affiliates. We are familiar with China local affiliate networks and will help you find partners who are willing to promote your product.


  • We also help track affiliate performance, keeping ongoing communication with them, and provide regular reports in a comprehensive manner.


Our Affiliate solution will help support Chinese affiliates especially in terms of marketing, logistics and administration.

  • The solution includes ongoing update on program design with seasonal promotion materials ad regular special offers, so that affiliates can work onwards.


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