In China the regulating agents have started blocking the Chinese social media marketing accounts of the digital asset exchange houses of crypto coins that are still operating. According to a report made by Caixin, the authorities have closed some of the channels of WeChat of the exchange houses.



One of the cases of exchange houses blocked in WeChat has been OKEx, and even though the company has denied that it has been due to meddling from the authorities the inform made by Caixin reveals that it has been due to a more strict official supervision in the platforms that are still offering services of crypto coins to Chinese investors and using WeChat ads.



After the prohibition of initial offers of coins (ICO) by the People’s Bank of China in September, OKCoin, once an importance exchange house of crypto coins with base in China, moved its crypto currency platform  OKEx outside China.


Until now,, that also has a commercial platform available in China, is still functional on WeChat.


As well the report of Caixin adds that the regulating agents are also looking to oblige the authorities to block even more the IP addresses of the digital asset exchange houses outside China. It is interesting to see that the authorities that, through the inclusion of new records ICO, the exchange houses are not complying with the prohibition of offering OIC to the national investors.