China has been in the leadership when it comes to camera surveillance network. According to a video published by BBC News on December 2017, 170 million CCTV cameras are already in place in China and an estimated 400 million new ones will be installed in the next three years.



John Sudworth had a special permission to enter to one of the new hi-tech police control rooms in order to make and exercise and see how much time it takes to the police to find him.


With this surveillance network Chinese government can access to all your information as soon as the system recognizes your face. This is an impressive measure from the Chinese government as they can see where have the people been, with whom, what things are they doing and this can help police not only prevent crimes but as well to locate missing persons.



As well this can be a big step to link this information to all the information gathered from China social media and in a near future this can be related to all the digital marketing in China creating a complete synergy between the Chinese government and the approved advertising made by companies.


This measure from the Chinese government has created some controversy among citizens, but as some of them say “if you have nothing to fear you should be ok.”


Take a look at the video from BBC so you can be amazed on how advanced the technology in this surveillance cameras are.