Google has been doing different activities and planning new strategies to enter back to China after they left in 2010. One of these new strategies was to release its first mini program for WeChat, one of the leading apps in China social media marketing.



Tencent, who operates WeChat, launched this mini programs last year in order to operate like apps that are attached to a service. This way, WeChat users bypass Google Play or Apple Store and install the apps from WeChat. As well, in 2018 Tencent added support for games, known as “mini games” and more than one million mini programs have been created so far. The success so far of these mini games is huge. More than 500 million WeChat users play with at least one each month.


Google decided to partner with WeChat due to its impressive popularity and the more than 1 billion users it has. As well WeChat marketing is one of the biggest in China and is a perfect entrance point for Google. This is why Google did the right move as they launched its first mini program.


Cai Hua Xiao Ge, or “Guess my Drawing” is an artificial intelligence-powered drawing game that has more than 50 million drawings in its memory; in which players divided in teams need to guess what the other player is drawing. But each player teams up with an AI and then will battle against their friends and their AI’s.


This mini game can be the start of a big number of apps or services that Google makes with WeChat in order to gain popularity. As well as the beginning of 2018 Tencent and Google signed a patent license deal to develop future technologies. So it seems that we will be seeing new great strategies from Google in China in the near future.