It is well known that China has a very special way of handling internet in which everything is controlled and supervised by the Chinese government. Contrary to the rest of the World all social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, Instagram are forbidden. But this didn’t stop the Chinese social media to be less popular in China than in the rest of the World. Chinese have not only developed “substitutes” to the Western apps but they have developed apps more complete, useful and powerful than any other app in the World.


One great example is WeChat. WeChat with more than 700,000,000 users has become the dominant app in China and has options that no other app in the World has. This allows users to perform many activities like making reviews, checking their friends’ latest news, order food, clothes, services without leaving the app. They can also pay for what they bought and ordered from WeChat and even transfer money to other users. WeChat marketing is the best and most attractive app for companies to promote their products and services.


But the power of WeChat marketing not only lies on the amount of things you can do with the app, but as well the amount of information WeChat is gathering from its users. WeChat knows where you are, what you do, what you like, how you like it, who you are with, how often you do things, and the list goes on.


Other countries are trying to copy or create similar apps as WeChat after realizing the success and power that an app like this can have in the Social media World.


However WeChat is forced to share all this information with the Chinese government who controls everything that goes on in Chinese social media.


The New York Times recently created a video “How China is Changing your Internet”, that clearly explains the success of WeChat marketing and the leadership of China when it comes to Internet. Please check out the video.