By December 2018 there were 4.1 billion internet users in the World. Asia is considered the leader among all the continents having 49% of all Internet users. The next continent is Europe with 16.8%. And among all countries in the World, China is at the head with over 802 million internet users. China has around 20% of all internet users worldwide. It is followed by India with 500 million users.

Source: China Internet Network Information Center: graphic by Bloomberg Businessweek

In China the number of internet users is more than double than the population of US. This considering that China’s internet penetration is above 50%. In comparison to the US there are 3 times more smartphone users in China, and 11 times more mobile payment users in China than in the US.

Source: US Census Bureau, Pew Research, Newzoo, Statista, eMarketer, CNNIC IMF

It is quite impressive to know that 98% of Chinese internet users are mobile. And about 75% of ecommerce sales in China are done via mobile devices. This makes internet marketing in China one of the most attractive in the World.

Source: CNNIC

China has become a leader in terms of services and offers the equivalent of some of the services found in the Occident World. Digital marketing in China has become one of the most influential in the World. In the following graphic you can see the comparison between top players in China vs US.

Source: South China Morning Post

In China we can see a huge growth in tech startups and the number of unicorns (tech startup companies that reach a US$1 billion dollar market value, as determined by private or public investment). The total valuation market is USD$773 billion and the total number of unicorns is 142. According to China Money Network the top startup cities in China based on their valuation are Beijing with US$305 billion and 61 unicorns, Hangzhou with US$240 billion and 17 unicorns, Shanghai with US$115 billion and 34 unicorns, and Shenzhen with US$61 billion and 11 unicorns.

In general China is one of the key players on internet Worldwide and will continue like this through 2019.