How to promote ICO in China ?

China banning ICO
The Central Bank of China has decided last October that ICO (Initial Coin Offering) ar illegal.
As a reminder, ICO is a way to raise money through cryptocurrency community, in other word a crowdfunding using crypto currencies.
China wishes this way to fight speculation and illegal financial activities, disturbing financial order.


This is a very constrained decision as it is indeed a retroactive decision: companies that have raised money through an ICO must pay back the money to investors. The companies that won’t cooperate face the risk of having their business license removed.


USA is also looking at ways to regulate those new speculation products, with the risk of harming the traditional financial systems.
More than 500 Billions USD have been raised in 2017.
How then to promote ICO in China nowadays as Chinese are the biggest crypto currency community in the world?
Interesting enough, key words like Bitcoin, Ethereum or ICO are banned on China internet but not the key word Blockchain!
Wechat Marketing is not a solution as TenCent, owner of Wechat, the main China Social Media Marketing Platform , has banned any official account related to ICOs.


Nevertheless there are still some ways to promote ICO in China, in particular using QQ platforms and its Forum.
What is QQ and how to make good use of it?
QQ also belong to TenCent and the most popular platform for Forums in China.
There are plenty of QQ Group with a topic related to ICO and Crypto currency.


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