ICO and Cryptocurrency in China

During an ICO (Initial coin Offering), a project is calling for financing and payment are made through crypto currency, the most common one being Ethereum.



One of the country with the most interest in blockchain, ICO and cryptocurrency is China.

The Chinese government is constantly working on cutting down the platforms offering ICO or cryptocurrency as:

– it feels it is not regulated enough  and wants to have more control of this.

– there has been a lot of Scam ICO in China lately where many Chinese investors have lost all their investments.



In order to gain the confidence of the Chinese investors, the ICO Chinese translation is extremely important:

As ICO can’t ignore the investors from China, it is important to translate from English to simplified Chinese the website and the Whitepapers introducing the ICO project.

A good ICO Chinese translation will appear like a guaranty of reliability in the eyes of the Chinese investors.

If you target China for your ICO, look for quality Chinese Translation Services.


Most of China social media marketing platforms in China are blocked for topics related to ICO, Cryptocurrency, blockchain, Bitcoin.


In particular, the most famous platforms like WeChat and Sina Weibo have lately totally banned those topics.


The only platforms that can be used for promotion in China those day are:
– QQ, through Forums
– BIHU through quality technology contents publishing