ICO Translation in Chinese

What is an ICO?
During an ICO (Initial coin Offering), a project is calling for financing and payment are made through cryptocurrency, the most common one being Ethereum.
An ICO is similar to an initial public offering  (IPO) except instead of shares the investors get tokens backed by the cryptocurrency


ICO in China
One of the country with the most interest in blockchain technology, ICO and cryptocurrency is China
China has been indeed one of the precursor in ICO as it was a way to go around tight regulation of transferring money outside of the country.
The Chinese government is constantly working on cutting down the platforms offering ICO or cryptocurrency trading as:
    – it feels it is not regulated enough and wants to have more control on it
    – there has been a lot of scam ICO in China lately, where many Chinese investors have lost all their        investments


Why a professional translation in Chinese is so important for promote an ICO in China?
In order to gain the confidence of the Chinese investors, the quality of the translation in Chinese of the White Paper and of the website introducing the ICO is extremely important.
An ICO can’t indeed ignore the investors from China and a good ICO Chinese translation will appear like a guaranty of reliability.


How can NetFin Marketing assist you in translation into Chinese of a ICO website or white paper?
NetFin Marketing has a team of professional translators with good specific experience in translating from English to Simplified Chinese white paper and websites.
We have a long track records of clients in the field of ICO
We can also translate social media contents that could be published on Chinese platforms like QQ or Bihu.com