Some years back Google was in China but they decided to abandon this huge market after some Chinese hackers, in 2010, tried to enter to the Gmail accounts of some activists for Human Rights. After this incident Google stop censuring and the Chinese authorities blocked the majority of Google’s services, who then abandoned the country.


Nowadays, Google’s policy has made an extreme change and they want to enter again in the Chinese market which has the incredible amount of 1,200 million people. For this they are willing to allow the vigilance (and censorship) of the Chinese authorities as long as they can have a piece of this majestic market. Google will launch a version of his search engine in China that will block some internet sites and searching options.


This plan comes in a moment in which China has intensified the scrutiny of the commercial agreements that involve technological American firms included Facebook Inc., Apple Inc. and Qualcomm Inc.; in the middle of commercial tensions between Beijing and Washington.



The project to come back to Chinese market has been named “Dragonfly” and it has been in progress since spring 2017. The advance of the project has been intensified after a reunion in December 2017 between the Executive President of Google, Sundar Pichal, and a high rank functionary of the Chinese government.


The terms of search on human rights, democracy, religion and pacific protests will be among the words included in the black list of the application of the search engine.


According to the internet news site “The Intercept”, this project has already been presented to the Chinese government. Probably new ways for SEO services in China can come out of this.


The final version will be launched in the following months, once it is approved by the Chinese functionaries. When this happens, this can be an opening to other channels for Chinese social media marketing.