Opening A Baidu PPC Account

baidu pay per click advertising的圖片搜尋結果

1) Can Foreign Companies open a Baidu PPC account?

   – Yes, foreign companies can open a Baidu PPC account.


2) What documents are required for applying a Baidu PPC account?


    Documents to provide for registration:

– Company Business Registration Certificate in English and the basic translation in Chinese: (Signed + stamped by the company official chop)

– Show the company’s bank details in English together with the basic Chinese translation : (Stamped by the company official chop)     

                    – Bank name

                    – Bank address

                    – Company name

                    – Bank account number

– Screenshot of the Home Page URL of the company’s website (Signed + stamped by the company official chop)


3) What important information must appear clearly on your website? 

– Your website need to have the pages of “about us” and “contact us” : this is the important requirement to pass the verification of the Baidu PPC account application

 – The “About us” must have clear statements of the company name and the type of business


4) What are the cost?

      – 1,500 CNY (230 USD) for setting up handling fees (payable to Baidu)

      – 5,000 CNY (770 USD) for Baidu advertising budget deposit (payable to Baidu, usable for the PPC campaign to come)

5) Which industries are sensitive and might have issues in opening a Baidu PPC account?

     – Medical

     – Finance

     – Education

     – Media

     – Betting