How SEO works in China?


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the set of technical work to have your website ranked high on the major Chinese search engine Baidu, without paying any advertising fees to the search engines themselves.


How Baidu SEO helps your business in China?


Nearly 500 million Internet surfers in China are using Baidu as their helper in search – that is almost 70% of the total search engine users in China. Does the difference in search engines used in the market leading to different practice in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? The answer is Yes and No.


We are a team that deeply understand Baidu search engine algorithm. Our expertise and experience on and off Baidu enables us to help you cross the boundaries on your way to China market. With our Baidu SEO service, your business will get in touch with the mass Internet search engine users in China.


How we help clients become Baidu SEO friendly?


Step 1: Onsite optimization


  • Having your Chinese website being structured in order to be organically indexed and well referenced on Baidu search engine
  • In this stage, we will deliver website analysis report and keywords research report to show where your business is in terms of Baidu Search Market
  • Meta Fields with Description / Title / Keywords in Chinese for each webpage
  • URL Optimization for each webpage of the Chinese website
  • Site Map in Chinese optimized for Baidu search engine
  • Robots file optimized for Baidu search engine
  • Text optimization for some contents of the website (including anchor text implementation)


Step 2: Research and strategically choose a list of target Keywords


  • Wisely choosing target key words will improve significantly the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) progress largely speed up.
  • For Baidu SEO, we usually choose at least 10 key words as a list to work on, in order to have your website naturally ranked on the 1st page of Baidu for most of the chosen Keywords.


Step 3: Keywords ranking optimization


  • Publishing articles (doing some anchor text building and do-follow link building) on Chinese Media, News, Directory, Q&A, Social Media, blog, websites, which are with good Domain authority, low Spam score, high Domain Root
  • Creating activities on your website to help Baidu Spider index the web pages: building blog or newsletters on your website in order to have regular updates
  • Ranking your Chinese website on the first pages of Baidu through chosen target key words


Step 4: High ranking maintenance for Baidu SEO Keywords


  • After reaching the top-ranking pages on Baidu, we will work on maintaining this ranking on a recurrent basis
  • This is an on-going process of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


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