With more than 800 million internet users in China the role of government is very important and impressive. China has built the World’s most extensive and sophisticated online censorship system. Thousands of employees in China spend hours daily making sure everything on internet complies with Chinese rules.

In terms of account registration for all digital marketing platforms in China, there are a lot of rules users need to follow and comply with all the requirements asked before being able to open an account. This is a great way for Chinese government to control what is advertised but as well to protect final users from being scammed from fake companies.

When we talk about the content that is posted in personal and business accounts, Chinese government has the most efficient team and system in reviewing, deleting and punishing users who post inappropriate content. China social media marketing is well controlled and organized providing users with a safe space.  In March 2018, Beijing cyberspace authorities ordered Zhihu, China’s Quora, to delist from all app stores for 7 days until they managed to clean all the forbidden information from their platform.

In fintech, Chinese government has very strict measures and if not complied with them your success can become failure very quick. In September 2017 the government banned the cryptocurrency exchanges and initial coin offering. By December 2017 China’s central bank and regulatory commission tightened rules on internet financing and peer-to-peer loans online leaving very few P2P companies alive.

The role of the government in China is crucial for the well-functioning of internet. And even though there are a lot of regulations and restrictions on contents and account registrations, citizens in China feel they are very well protected by its government.