Trademark application

Why Trademark Application is important in China?


In China, jurisdiction for trademarks is first-to-file. Failing to register your trademark will cause you unable to sell products which use that specific trademark and therefore risk your business success. A foreign trademark does not work in China. And outthere, there are bad-intent trademark squatters waiting to seize the chance – we should act more quickly than them.


Chinese trademark application is necessary also because if you want to sell goods in China or cooperate with Chinese distributors, you need to own the trandemark so that you have the rights to license your products. Even you are not planning to enter China market today, you may some days later.


We suggest when we do trademark application, we apply for the Chinese version, too. Trademark application in China is a time consuming process – it takes no less than 1 year to get the trademark registered when everything goes smoothly – we had better grab our ‘belongings’ in one go as soon as possible.


Here we introducts more details on how we help on Chinese trademark application.


Step 1: Preparation

  • Preparing all the documents for the trademark application
  • Choosing the right categories of trademark application


Step 2: Follow up

  • The whole process can take more than 1 year even if everything goes extremely well
  • The good new is, during this period, your names in application are protected
  • Chinese authorities often ask for further documents and information
  • We help make the bridge between the Chinese authorities and you


Step 3: Finalization

  • Once granted by the Chinese goverment, we will assure you have all the right certificate and authorization documents


Step 4: Renewal

    • A Trademark is usually granted for 10 years.
    • It is important to start application at least 1 year before renewal due date, as there might be some updates in rules and regulations
    • Our team always stay atop of the lastes Chinese trademark application process and will help you all the way


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