Baidu PPC has become very popular in China for B2B marketers. But to people outside China that are used to promote their brands or products in Google AdWords it might not be so hard to understand.



irst of all users need to create a Baidu account. For these B2B users need to find a reseller and submit all the legal documents necessary in order to verify your business and prove site ownership. Once this is done, you will need to make a down payment. The minimum down payment requested by Baidu is RMB $6,000 if you are located in China. Your reseller can also charge a management fee. The creation of an account can take normally from one to two months.


Baidu requires all businesses to make a prepayment for their advertisements, so you need to plan ahead your marketing strategy in order to have enough funds for your campaign. If you are planning to make a wire transfer from a country outside China, this can take normally 10 days.


Before you start your Baidu advertising you need to set your budget in your Baidu PPC. You can set your budget both in your account and in your campaign. If you choose to have a firm daily account budget you can have more flexibility in your campaign. If you are not spending your entire daily budget Baidu has a tool called Yusuan LeiJi Bao that reallocates your budget not spent to other days with higher search traffic. At the beginning it might be a bit difficult to find the right daily budget for your campaign because if your budget is not enough it might be finished early in the day. So give yourself some time to find out your best budget solution.


To access your account you will need to provide a Chinese phone number. This number will be linked to your account and is you change computer or location they will ask you for a verification code send to this number.



Baidu PPC Chinese is the only language available and your main target areas can be Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan.


Every year it is recommended by Baidu to verify your account as they protect their users and it is important to check your company’s legitimation. This costs around RMB$600 and will give your ads the letter v symbol in which users can click to see more information about your company’s scores.



Baidu PPC provides a big range of targeting options. This will help you specify more your advertising campaign and achieve better results. As well they offer a wide range of Paid Advertising Products such as display ads, text search ads, information feed ads, as well as unique product offerings like Brand Zone and Baidu Knowledge.


So before your start your advertising campaign in Baidu PPC make sure to understand how it works and which kind of advertising and budget is better for your company and your products.