Everyone is talking about Wechat and its benefits, but it is crucial to understand how to use Wechat in business and what are companies and different kinds of business doing with.


In order to have an official Wechat account a company needs to be legitimately registered in China. The government checks that the company really exists before authorizing the opening of the account. So by this both companies and users are more protected.


Business can interact with their clients and customers through their official accounts. To follow one account you just have to scan their QR code; as easy as that. Companies put their content very easily. This is why many business have created specific Wechat marketing strategies as it is a very easy, successful and cheap way to promote themselves.

As soon as the account has a new member it automatically sends a welcome message and the user can start browsing around their different sections, similar to a webpage. Everything is in Chinese, although some companies sometimes can publish something in English just to give their account a little bit more international profile.

Every Wechat account can decide what tools and information their followers can see. If it is available in an account, you can send instant messages or Wechat ads and this is a tool that benefits a lot of companies that need some instant contact with clients. One example is a restaurant that has this option and sends its clients the menu for the day. Their clients can reply 30 minutes before their arrival their option so when they arrive to the restaurant their food choice is ready.


In the official accounts followers can receive important information from the account, see photos published by them and as well receive promotions that the happening at the moment. Sometimes an incentive is given by the Wechat account to their new followers.


Small and medium companies can also send their company information to all of the personal contacts and ask them in favor to follow them and also to send them to their contacts. This is very common and good received by people.

The approach to customers is always different as companies can select their targets according to their information that is shared in Wechat. So companies develop their content, their advertising strategy and their publications according to their target.

In order to make a successful campaign in Wechat you need to choose the correct platform. If our company or our product is not known in China you will need to educate your consumer with stories, examples and let the consumer experience with your product or service.


It is very important as well to choose the right name for your account so that it will be appealing to your future customers and followers.


As well a Wechat account can be linked to a company’s loyalty program or CRMs. There are many  e-stores in China and as well on-line stores in Wechat and they all use different strategies on their Wechat accounts to benefit and attract their customers.


One example of how customers can do a successful promotion in Wechat can be when Dior in August 2016 launched a campaign only in Wechat with a special limited edition of 200 customized bags with a value each of more than USD$4,000. They were gone in one day.


So Wechat is a very useful tool for business, that if used in the correct way can give the company huge marketing results.