Tencent QQ, better known as QQ, is an instant messaging service that was developed by Tencent Holdings in China and is one of the most popular apps in China social media marketing. Tencent Holdings also offers a wide range of services like online games, music, shopping, movies and voice chats.  The website of Qq.com is one of the most famous Chinese websites. Before QQ was only active in China, but Tencent company launched international QQ which has few different features than the Chinese one.




  • Contact with people you know.
  • Opportunity to be part of Flashmobs (meetings of brief design on line with playful and entertainment reasons with the purpose of mobilizing thousands of people).
  • Excellent way to find a new friend, partner, of just a fun way to share personal interests.
  • Share special moments with the people that are close in our lives.
  • Easy way to get rid of geographical frontiers and connect people all over the World.
  • Have actual information on subjects you are interested. As well it can help get update on events and conferences.
  • Communication can be in real time.
  • Possibility of generating massive solidarity movements when facing a crisis situation.
  • Dynamic way to produce internet content.


  • It can be dangerous if the correct privacy settings are not placed, as private life can be exposed.
  • There are some cases of personality theft.
  • Lack of data control.
  • It can be addictive and take a lot of our time, as it is a perfect thing to do on free time.
  • All of the content that has been posted can be stolen.
  • It can be used by criminals to know information about their victims in crimes like sexual abuse and harassment, kidnapping, etc.