Baidu is the search engine most famous in all China. It was created at the beginning of the year 2000. The 70% of Chinese use this searcher leaving Google with a 10-16% and the rest to the several Chinese searchers that exist.





Baidu is the number one website in China and the fifth one in the World, just after Facebook, Google, You Tube and Yahoo. The Chinese searcher is much consolidated in China and each year is gaining more quotas in the market with respect to the many searchers that exist, but in the region of Asia is more difficult to expand. Only Chinese use this searcher, as Baidu is focused only in Chinese. It’s a searcher only for Chinese so Baidu advertising is perfect to reach Chinese market.




Baidu gives everything that the Chinese users want and for this it is being extremely successful in China. As well they do good improvements each year on their searcher like Baidu Eye that is very similar to Google Glass.


Baidu has millions of Chinese indexed pages, however there are not many pages in other languages besides Chinese, as this searcher is only focused on China.


Apart from making searches, Baidu gives more services to users such as:

-News pages

-Download mp3 music

-Image section

-Video section

-Baidu Wikipedia

-Maps section like Google maps

-Question and answers section like Yahoo answers


The most popular for Chinese is to download free music and maps. The Baidu maps are not as good as Google maps but it uploads faster.






Baidu is the Chinese Google. Technically speaking Google is better than Baidu; however Chinese users prefer to use Baidu as it is filled with local information, content and pages that are focused for China.


-Google has more indexed pages than Baidu; however Baidu has more indexed pages in Chinese than Google.


-Baidu is more focused on Chinese pages or sites; it even gives priority to sites or pages that have their server registered in China to the ones that are registered outside China.


-As a consequence if you are looking for something outside China it is probable you won’t find it in the first pages but in the 5th or 6th.


-Baidu is charged faster than Google, maps, images, searcher, which makes Chinese users choose and create a Baidu account over Google.


-The service that Google provides to analyze the amounts of visits you get in your website is much better than the one offered by Baidu. Baidu is working on this but is far from reaching Google.


-The services of Google Adwords o Adsense are much better and faster than the ones from Baidu. In order to make advertising in Baidu you need to pass a lot of strict requirements, license, and other process.


Technically speaking Baidu is behind Google; however Baidu has more Chinese indexed pages, offers music and news of China and has become a technological symbol of China. It understands better Chinese users and has no competition since Google abandoned China and moved to Hong Kong.